simple and stylish mens’ shoe
with a main single vamp piece

If you are not necessarily into the intricate details, the many pieces and love the traditional derby shoes, Nolan 19 gives you a shoe that’s simple and stylish all the same. If you want to see the shine and not the design then this is the shoe for you. All the intricacies are on its sides and even the embossed brand initials can be tucked away and hidden by the laces.

For the times you just want to keep it simple yet not plain, not draw too much attention but still noticeable, Nolan 19 is here just for those types of days. With a main single vamp piece, it’s all about the beauty of leather than complex design. With both eyelets and plain punches for lacing, it truly does give you simplicity with a touch of manly complexity.

Available Sizes 40 – 50



    Diani Sea Resort Plaza
    Diani Beach Road
    80401 Diani Beach





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